March 2015

March has been busy!  I spent two weeks in Guatemala teaching knitting. My knitters are improving every year!  Saw the Plymouth Goddaughters – they are going & thriving thanks to the support of 7 generous women in Plymouth.

Attended the last? NERC conference, learned lots, made new friends, all good!! Being a massage therapist IS the BEST job in the world! OK, maybe second best, being a grammie is also quite awesome:)

Next month…Sea Otter Classic in California.

California! Here I come!!

Getting ready for the Best Buddies Challenge in California. Looking forward to seeing all my Cali-Buds!!

The link below has important information for first timers.

If you text me, PLEASE sign your name so I know who all you are!!

We did almost 700 sessions last year, can we beat that record??????????

Volunteer Information

Audi Best Buddies Challenges – this fall

Gearing up for the best time ever at Hearst Castle, Saturday, September 7, 2013. If you haven’t contacted me about attending, do so now!! Rooms are limited!!

DC & VA – Come on, Capitol Area!!  Contact me about the morning tent at The Monument and the afternoon tent at Morvan Park, Leesburg, VA  There WILL be incentives to those participating… Saturday, October 19, 2013   Van from MA if we get at least 4!

Best Buddies Hyannis Port

Wow! beautiful weather this year, unlike last year’s blowing rain!  Two of us at JFK Library doing chair massage; thirteen of us at the finish.  Did ten minute sessions, 274 touched.

Thanks to all who helped!

Best Buddies Challenge

See you soon!

Friday, May 31st –  at JFK Library – chair massage in the afternoon during registration

Saturday, June 1st – Craigville Beach, Hyannisport, MA – tables – all day!!

Email or phone me or use the contact form!

Sea Otter Classic

See you at Leguna Seca Raceway on Saturday, April 20th 2013.  We will be offering 15 minute post-event massage to cyclists participating in the Gran Fondo, a 46 & 96 mile ride through Carmel and Monterey County.

We are in a big tent, you will need to bring your table.  Drop off right in front of the tent before parking.

I will supply table covers, wipes, sanitizer, LUNCH!! and a really nice T Shirt.

Students are welcome to participate!

Use this  CONTACT form! Thanks for your interest!