Expectations for Volunteering

To be clear about expectations up front – it is a fast paced day, five or more hours event – this is not a clinic experience – you will be working continuously and will touch 20 or more participants.
For Hearst Castle:
  • You are compensated with one overnight shared room accommodations at an exceptional hotel for either Friday or Saturday night; drivers will get gas stipend
  • For those arriving Friday night – welcome reception, dinner, networking, a good night’s rest, early start with run/walk
  • For those arriving Saturday morning  -arrive by 11:00 am be ready by 11:45
  • Best Buddies has breakfast, lunch and snacks, including water.
  • Saturday evening dinner is provided by the A Team
  • Sunday morning – departure day – coffee and left overs are available to enjoy and take for the road trip
Best Buddies Hyannisport  & Hearst Castle
  • A beautiful salmon color t-shirt noting you as a massage volunteer at Best Buddies,, a swag bag (if available)
  • Lunch
  • opportunity to network with other students and professional therapists,
  • a chance to hone your own skills, and
  • meet some amazing athletes/volunteers/celebrities who have worked doing the fund raising for Best Buddies
  • Supplies – table covers, paper goods, sanitizing products
All events – Best Buddies, Sea Otter, MS getaway
  • Intake is quick and taken verbally – clients acknowledge when they sign in that they are healthy enough to receive a massage – any specific issue will be focus area, usually neck/shoulders or quads/ham string; this is not a clinic experience to take a full intake and a full review/assessment when you complete each rider.
  • Breaks – every effort is made to offer sufficient breaks- if you need additional break times or unable to complete the full day commitment, then let us know in advance – this is the responsibility of the therapist


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